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WE GET IT, STEPHEN HAWKING!!! You with your big brain-parts, and whatnot. So smart that you leave Cambridge University’s Lucasian Professorship of Mathematics (“Newton’s Chair”) at a historically appropriate time, instead of just skiing it right into the ground, and overstaying your welcome, like some idiots do.

Does this mean that all of the really good thinking has been done already? Does this mean we can just go gently into that long good night? Don’t think twice as you drift closer, closer to the pillowy bosom of sleep and your life is fine, just fine and explained:


This is Awesome, Unfair

The champion who made this outstanding game accomplished the following things:

1) Identify one of the best XKCD comics ever (impressive – there are lots)

2) Turn the imaginary game it talks about into an actual game

I will admit that I spent upwards of ninety seconds playing this game.  The nerd in me wants to believe that even in bouncy physics, YOU CAN WIN THIS!!!  Like, if this game had some rudimentary Pong-physics, you could rebound a piece off the wall, and based on extrapolation of the fake game-pieces’ physical properties and resultant vector through the game-ether, you could determine how the rebound would cause each piece to…. (Note to self:  You cannot win this.)

The Cobbler’s Son

The saying “the cobbler’s son has no shoes” is so overwrought that I feel like an idiot even bringing it up.  But, here we are, all the same.  This is my site.  Woof.  When I stop wallowing in all my free time, I will post more, make it better, do more push-ups, etc.

I work in online marketing.  Specifically, I’ve spent the last seven years learning and practicing SEO.  It’s been pretty great, actually.  Outside of the SEO bubble that I live in, I don’t know many other people who can say that they love what they do, and mean it.

You can find out more about me here:

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